Ribbon Cuttings

Do you have a grand opening or major anniversary to celebrate?

Business opening and milestone celebrations hosted by North San Diego Business Chamber help to introduce your business to San Diego County.

If you are planning a grand opening, had a recent remodel, opened a new location, or have reached a milestone anniversary, let us celebrate with you - contact Hannah Vitrano.

Chamber will:

  • Bring large scissors
  • Post event on social media
  • Promote all ribbon cuttings in newsletter

Your responsibility:

  • Provide the long ribbon to cut
  • Post ribbon cutting on Chamber calendar
  • Send invites
  • Provide refreshments (optional)
  • Brochures, business cards, and handouts for guests
  • Have a drawing or giveaway (optional)


Date Selection
  • Monday - Thursday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Choose a date that does not conflict with Chamber or community events and holidays
  • Give yourself a few weeks to prepare
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually the best days for business people
  • The Chamber will promote across social media but it is important that you send invitations as well
  • Suggested people to invite:
    • Current, past, or potential customers
    • Family and friends
    • Suppliers
    • Your employees and their spouses/guests
    • Media
    • Those who helped you get started: banker, accountant, lawyer, architects, builder, realtor, etc.
    • Neighboring business people
    • Key local government officials (Chamber can provide contact list)
  • Providing time-appropriate refreshments is very well received. For example, during a morning event it is nice to offer coffee, juice, bagels, or pastries, while during a lunch or evening event offering light hors d'oeuvres or finger foods is appropriate. Enlisting the help of a caterer is often helpful. Chamber Member caterers can be found here.
Program Planning
  • Create an event agenda. A brief program adds focus to the event. It provides not only valuable recognition for you and your key people, but it makes the event more purposeful and permits you the opportunity to explain more about your business. The timeline we've found successful is for the programmatic elements to be in the middle of your event. This allows latecomers the chance to participate in the celebration, and offers networking time before and after the main event.
  • Ideas to consider include: introduction of key people that helped you make this milestone possible, speeches from leaders in the community (keep these brief), and possibly a tour of your facility if time permits and is necessary with your type of business.
  • Conclude your "program" with some ceremonial or symbolic activity to commemorate the event such as a ribbon cutting for a ribbon cutting/grand opening ceremony or shoveling the first load of dirt for a groundbreaking, or the cutting of the cake for an anniversary. This is a nice way to let guests know that the program has concluded and allows for great photo opportunities.
Additional Suggestions
  • Have plenty of brochures, business cards, and handouts available for your guests. If possible have promotional items such as pens, magnets, mugs, etc. available to hand out.
  • Have a drawing or giveaway. Winning a sample of your product or a gift certificate to a nice restaurant can add to your guests’ enjoyment and perhaps build attendance.