Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be a Chamber Member to travel with the Chamber?

No.  The trips are available to all.  We encourage you to travel with friends, family and colleagues.

I am traveling alone. Is there an extra cost for a single?

Yes.  The quoted price assumes double occupancy in accommodations.  See the trip flyer for the single supplement cost.

Is there any advantage to booking early?

Yes.  The early bird price is listed in the trip flyer.

What if I have to cancel?

See the trip flyer for the cancellation terms, which will vary by how far in advance you cancel and any travel insurance you have.

Is trip insurance available?

Yes.  Please see the trip flyer for how to purchase trip insurance through the travel agency. Insurance is also available through Chamber Members here.

Are meals included in the trip price?

Some meals are included (identified in the trip flyer).  Most of our travelers enjoy experiencing the local cuisine on their own.

Do I need to attend any meetings on these trips?

No.  These trips are for fun and pleasure.  Occasionally, there might be an opportunity to meet with local businesses.  If that opportunity is offered, it is identified in the trip flyer.

I enjoy free time to explore on my own. Is that available?

There is usually plenty of free time.  The trip itinerary identifies those opportunities.  Some excursions are included in your trip price; others may be purchased at your option.  See the trip itinerary for details.

What if I, or my travel partner(s), want to depart from an airport other than San Diego?

Prices quoted are for a San Diego departure and return.  You may work with the travel agency offering the trip to make arrangements/quote prices from other airports.

What if I want to arrive at the first destination early or extend my vacation after the Chamber trip at my own expense?

Please work directly with the travel agency to see if this can be accommodated.

How does the Chamber benefit from these trips?

The Chamber receives a small percent on every trip package sold.  These funds (along with revenue generated from other Chamber programs and events) allow us to continue to offer the Chamber benefits, services and programs you enjoy.