The Think Local First San Diego initiative is designed to grow jobs, strengthen our local tax base and champion commerce in the region by encouraging local purchasing, hiring and contracting of services.

When the general public, government agencies, and school districts purchase products, services, and hire within the region they have a tremendous impact on the strength and success of the businesses and communities involved. All of us can make a difference because Change Starts Locally.

A wide range of businesses, elected officials, Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations have united to create the Think Local First San Diego initiative. By unifying this diverse and unique group of people under the Think Local First philosophy we plan to strengthen the business community and the vibrancy of the region we call home.

Business Champions

Champions work to share the TLF mindset with all employers and employees throughout the County.

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Reports and Data

See how your community is spending the tax revenues it generates through local sales.

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To help our local companies, here are links to local jurisdictions and their bidding system.

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Elected Champions

Elected leaders support our business community and the Think Local First initiative.

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Why Think Local First

Money Spent Locally Stays Local

Many studies have shown that money spent in local business stays in the community. For every $100 spent at a locally-owned business, $45 – $68 goes back into the community and our tax base.

Local Owners Contribute More Locally

Businesses directly inject money into the local economy through wages and benefits to local residents, who in turn spend and invest these funds in our local economy. When local businesses hire and procure locally, the economy and community benefits, plus local entrepreneurs and employees are more likely to contribute to causes that impact them close to home.

Lower Environmental Impact

Building awareness about the benefits of buying and hiring locally means more dollars spent close-by and fewer miles traveled on our region’s roads and freeways. For urban, suburban or rural areas alike, “thinking local first” means a virtuous circle of support between businesses, residents, and government best suited to each local community in San Diego.

Thinking Local Strengthens Community Involvement

Local business owners and others committed to their home town are much more likely to make their voice heard within the local government. The great American tradition of involvement in the important decisions made by our elected representatives is a classic example of thinking local.

Thinking Local Encourages Entrepreneurship and Innovation

In today’s rapidly changing globalized economy, communities in San Diego face challenges on every front. Thinking locally ties in with the North San Diego Business Chamber’s vision for a thriving, diverse economy in San Diego County where creative people dream up and implement great ideas, where opportunities abound, and where people of all ages and backgrounds contribute to and enjoy a high quality of life.


The Think Local First San Diego Initiative is pioneering a regional approach to supporting our region’s unique communities, each of which has so much to offer.

With strong support from the business leaders within the Chamber, numerous elected officials, and residents we are all about creating ripple effects of opportunity at all levels and in all corners of our region.

The monthly meetings of the Chamber’s Economic Development Committee enable members to help the Chamber team carry out marketing, PR, outreach, research, visioning and building new partnerships.

This website and increasingly frequent email blasts, media appearances, targeted presentations, social media and special projects enable us to encourage more San Diegans to Think Local First.

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